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  • UFB ahead of schedule: Chorus

    Chorus claims its Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network rollout is ahead of schedule, reporting that 228,000 premises had been passed by a fibre connection at March 31.

  • Broadband monitor puzzled by lack of VDSL service in NZ

    Broadband measurement specialist TrueNet has expressed surprise that more New Zealand ISPs are not offering VDSL services. Its most recent series of measurements show VDSL offers significantly faster speeds than ADSL or even dedicated cable.

  • Alcatel-Lucent boosts broadband over copper to 300Mbit/s

    Alcatel-Lucent has found a way to move data at 300Mbit/s over two copper lines, the company said on Wednesday. However, so far it is only in a lab environment — real products and services won't show up until next year.

  • Clarified: ComCom issues draft VDSL ruling

    The Commerce Commission has issued a draft ruling on how Telecom can deliver superfast VDSL services, saying Telecom is allowed to use VDSL to deliver wholesale bitstream services with higher quality specifications than the regulated service, and can offer these services commercially.