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  • BlackBerry rumours: HP to buy Symantec?

    I just got a mysterious one-line BlackBerry message from a well-placed tech-industry figure. It was a single, terse question in the subject line, no body: “Do you think HP will make a play for Symantec? ... I do.”

  • Symantec CTO lays out company’s post-merger research vision

    It will take some convincing for Wall Street to feel comfortable with Symantec’s US$13 billion (NZ$18 billion) acquisition of Veritas. Symantec’s stock has lost nearly half its value since the acquisition was first announced a year ago and the recent departures of former chief financial officer Greg Myers and president and chief operating officer John Schwartz have only exacerbated fears that the acquisition may prove to be more than the company can manage.

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