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  • VMware unleashes virtual desktops for Apple iPad

    Virtual desktops on the iPad are yesterday's news - in fact, they're <a href="">last year's news</a>, having been available from several virtualization companies since 2010.

  • First internal clouds likely to fail, Forrester says

    Forrester analysts have some less-than-encouraging news for IT shops building their first <a href="">internal cloud</a> networks: You're likely to fail.

  • Windows fix on Patch Tuesday 'breaks' VMware software

    <a href=";cmd=displayKC&amp;externalId=1034262">VMware is telling customers</a> that two <a href="">Windows</a> 7 security patches have left the VMware View <a href="">desktop virtualization</a> client unable to access the View Connection Server, which brokers the connection between a user's computer and a virtual desktop.

  • VMware taps ex-Microsoft execs to battle Microsoft

    VMware's Paul Maritz has given up his title of president to four senior executives who will serve as co-presidents of the EMC-owned company as it increasingly goes up against Microsoft in the virtualization market.

  • Survey on PCI: How it's impacting network security

    A survey of 500 information technology professionals with responsibility to assure compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standard shows just over half find it "burdensome but necessary" in their organizations and about a third see it impacting their virtualized network environments in particular in the future.

  • F5 gets more cloud-friendly

    F5 is making file virtualization more cloud friendly with the introduction of software that translates storage protocols, making it possible to store files in public or private cloud networks using a range of technologies.

  • IBM cloud patching system highlights virtualization research

    IBM's research division is working on several virtualization projects that could boost security of cloud computing networks, reduce data center power costs, and improve the ability to run multiple hypervisors and operating systems, including Linux and Windows.