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  • Amazon promises to improve redundancy after Dublin outage

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) learned a lot of lessons from the outage that affected its Dublin data center, and will now work to improve power redundancy, load balancing and the way it communicates when something goes wrong with its cloud, the company said in a summary of the incident.

  • Web services usage standards to be updated

    Blueprints for implementing interoperable and secure web services are being amended by the Web Services Interoperability Organisation (WS-I) to incorporate the latest SOAP technology and reliable message transmission, representatives of the organisation say.

  • SOA requires new testing tools, processes

    Before the recent move to service-oriented architectures, application testing mostly called for ensuring that a software application performed as it was designed, could handle specific loads and could be integrated with other isolated applications.

  • Taking care of city events

    City Care has developed its own event management software which has both lifted service levels and provides a single view of a current contract – even to those out in the field.

  • M-co made its own way to SOA

    Electricity wholesale market platform company M-co, also called the Marketplace Company, has been on an adventurous journey towards service-orientated achitecture (SOA). It is set to become a web-service enabled organisation, with the aid of internet-based trading system, Comit.

  • Too much complexity stifling web services

    Although web services deployments are happening, a morass of complexity and a long, head-spinning list of proposed standards continues to hobble the technology, according to participants at a conference on interoperability, held last month.

  • Web services way to go

    Most of the noise to date about web services has come from vendors like Microsoft and IBM, eager to promote their tools and platforms.

  • Cautious steps for web services

    News perspective: In 2002, web services advanced on two major fronts: development of tools to extend web services functionality and standardisation of the back-end plumbing required to make web services work.

  • Web services success only just getting started

    With any new technology, it becomes fashionable in some quarters to counter the hype and hyperbole surrounding it with an equal amount of disdain when that technology fails to change every aspect of the world as we know it in 12 months or less.

  • Stats Watch: Getting in line for web services

    Here's one for the longer term. An increasing number of end-user organisations and vendors are becoming enamoured with web services, a development approach using XML-based standards to create loosely coupled applications and interlink existing legacy systems.