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  • CASE STUDY: An argument for training

    The latest in ICT systems can be of no use when your staff don’t know how to use them effectively. With the right investment in training staff, even the slightest bit, can result in surprising gains and improved productivity.

  • OPINION: Life after Windows XP: another approach

    As many in the business, education and government sectors wring their hands over the impending demise of Microsoft's venerable Windows XP operating system, the IT media is offering helpful advice on moving to the more recent, apparently quite good MS operating system, Windows 7.

  • Kiwi firms warned as D-Day for XP approaches

    New Zealand firms need to carefully plan and manage their operating system upgrades, particularly as many organisations seek to move off Windows XP before support from Microsoft ends in April 2014.

  • Can Windows 8 Give Developers What iOS and Android Lack?

    Microsoft's future hinges on attracting developers to build Windows 8 apps. But by offering financial incentives, supporting a range of programming languages and allowing developers to write code once for multiple devices, those developers may soon follow.

  • Windows XP loses record market share

    Windows XP's decline has accelerated and the decade-old operating system shed its largest ever chunk of market share in October, according to data from a web measurement company.

  • Windows Intune 2.0: Four new features

    Windows Intune, Microsoft's Web-based PC management and security platform, may not get the same level of attention as cloud services like Office 365 or Windows Azure, but Microsoft is betting big on Intune to be the cloud service that will facilitate IT's evolving job of remotely managing PCs.

  • Security rundown for the week ending Sept. 2

    A mish-mash of security issues came up this week, everything from how to protect virtualized environments to a system that protects copper in utility sites from robbery and a story about digital certificate thefts.

  • Harvard class project compares iPhone, Windows 7, Android, Blackberry usability; triggers a wave of invective

    A "minor" college class project intended to demonstrate how first-time users fared in doing basic tasks on different <a href="">smartphones</a> has triggered an Internet wave of mockery, condemnation and invective. In a 10-minute video, the <a href="">iPhone</a> 4 and the Samsung Focus running <a href="">Windows</a> Phone 7 are rated superior to the <a href="">Android</a>-based HTC Thunderbolt and a RIM BlackBerry Storm.

  • Microsoft unveils touch-oriented Windows 8

    Microsoft showed Thursday the next version of its Windows OS at a press event in Taipei, unveiling a completely new tile-based interface that it hopes will be better suited for the emerging world of tablet PCs.