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  • Microsoft's latest Windows Phone move: Changes at the top

    Getting a read on how well <a href="">Microsoft</a> <a href="">Windows</a> Phone has been doing has been tricky in recent months, with each <a href="">indication of momentum</a> seemingly offset with one or more <a href="">negative market share or news reports</a>. But Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's memo sent within the company Monday and published publicly by Microsoft indicates Windows Phone 7 probably isn't living up to Microsoft's expectations.

  • Ballmer upbeat to analysts on Windows Phone prospects

    Microsoft's mobile platform, Windows Phone 7, will become successful "with a little bit more effort, a little bit more energy," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told financial analysts at the company's annual meeting with them this week. But what Ballmer laid out shows much more than a "little bit" being invested.

  • Samsung planning Windows Phone version of new Galaxy S II?

    Based on some thin evidence, and enriched with rife speculation, blogs and new sites are saying that Samsung is experimenting with a version of its new, successful <a href="">Galaxy S II smartphone</a> that runs <a href="">Windows</a> Phone 7 instead of <a href="">Android</a> as its firmware.