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  • Microsoft to raise license price, add software rights

    <a href="">Microsoft</a> is boosting the price of a license that provides client access to <a href="">Windows</a> Server, SharePoint, Exchange and Systems Center, but is sweetening the deal by giving buyers access to a new endpoint <a href="">security</a> product and the new <a href="">Lync</a> unified communications software.

  • Microsoft: No Pwn2Own bug in IE9

    Microsoft on Thursday said its Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) does not contain the bug exploited this week by an Irish researcher at the Pwn2Own hacking contest.

  • VMware unleashes virtual desktops for Apple iPad

    Virtual desktops on the iPad are yesterday's news - in fact, they're <a href="">last year's news</a>, having been available from several virtualization companies since 2010.

  • Itanium hits ten-year mark, less Windows

    Big vendors aren't democracies, so when Kevin Armour, the CTO of payroll services provider Paycor, heard last year that Microsoft was ending support for Itanium, he knew he was stuck.

  • Microsoft sues Australian firm over Windows trademark

    Microsoft Australia has commenced legal proceedings against a Queensland-based data recovery technician, alleging infringement of its trademark on the Windows brand name.
    In a statement of claim from the software giant, sighted by Computerworld Australia, the Australian subsidiary claimed Nathan Short had registered for the websites and in 2005 and 2007 respectively.
    The use of the word 'Windows' in the names of the site and the products sold online constituted infringement of Fair Trading Act 1999 (Qld) and Australian Consumer Law (Qld), according to the statement of claim.
    Microsoft has held the trademark in Australia since 1986, when the Windows operating system and affiliated products were first sold locally.
    Microsoft Australia also alleged Short - who runs a data recovery service in Boondall, Queensland - had claimed the products sold on the websites were made by Microsoft and that he had profited from the trademark infringement.
    The company has pleaded loss and damage as a result of the infringement, and has called for the cessation of the actions by Short.
    The proceedings were brought forward to presiding Federal Court judge, Justice Margaret Stone, on 10 February for a first directions hearing and the case is scheduled to resume on 10 March.
    At time of writing, one of the registered sites - - remained active but redirected to a news site about Microsoft&#8217;s Windows products. The other,, timed out. Both had been registered through a United States-based proxy company via the GoDaddy net registry.

  • Microsoft offers IE9 RC via Windows Update

    Microsoft on Monday began pushing the release candidate of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) via Windows Update's automatic delivery service to users already running the unfinished browser.

  • Windows fix on Patch Tuesday 'breaks' VMware software

    <a href=";cmd=displayKC&amp;externalId=1034262">VMware is telling customers</a> that two <a href="">Windows</a> 7 security patches have left the VMware View <a href="">desktop virtualization</a> client unable to access the View Connection Server, which brokers the connection between a user's computer and a virtual desktop.