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  • Report: Giuliani eyed as WorldCom chairman

    Former New York City Mayor and ethical icon Rudolph Giuliani may be tapped to commandeer the board of WorldCom, as the telecommunications giant struggles to rise from the ashes of bankruptcy and scandal, according to a report on Monday (US time).

  • WorldCom execs face fraud charges

    The US Department of Justice has charged two former WorldCom executives with securities fraud, calling them "no better than common thieves" and promising ongoing investigation that could lead to more arrests.

  • WorldCom users cover their telecom bets

    WorldCom's CEO, John Sidgmore has promised a quick recovery from the company's bankruptcy, but until that happens, end users see months of uncertainty ahead.

  • WorldCom users ask, 'What if . . .?'

    The contingency planning that IT manager Barry Brunetto developed for his company, Blount International, covers a lot of scenarios, including failed circuits and earthquakes. But he never imagined that a company of WorldCom's stature could be a disaster, and Brunetto is now looking for a safety net for his data services. He's not alone.