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  • New HP servers

    Hewlett-Packard has introduced a line of x86 servers for organisations that operate large computing facilities, where cutting a few dollars off each system's energy or shipping costs can add up to significant savings.

  • Shanghai chip gets AMD back into x86 battle

    There's a good deal that's special about AMD's new Shanghai server CPU. It's fabulous science, and fun for those of us who get dewy-eyed over the prospect of a 25% faster world switch time and immersion lithography. It makes the x86 battle interesting again because it carries AMD into territory that it must fight hard to win — the two-socket (2P) server space — and where innovation is sorely needed. AMD beat Intel's next-generation Nehalem server architecture to market while closing performance, price and power-efficiency gaps between Core 2 and Shanghai. Just as it did in the old days, AMD now claims that its best outruns Intel's best despite having a lower clock speed.

  • Parallelism: where the x86 hits the wall

    Your desktop computer is fast. It’s faster than you can type, faster than you can browse, and unlike you, it can do many things at once. Sure, you multitask. You can be on a conference call with your boss while you’re buffing your nails, but when you’re asked a hard question, what happens? You stop buffing your nails until you come up with the answer. Humans are not wired for parallel execution.

Features about x86
  • Gartner: How big trends in security, mobile, big data and cloud computing will change IT

    When you go to a Gartner conference one of he main things you'll notice is the sheer volume of data they can generate on just about any IT topic. Last week's Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Fla., was no different. The conference, attended by some 9000 executives focused on the changes security challenges, mobile computing, big data and cloud will be bringing to IT in the near future.