Sun Announces Java for Wireless

Sun Microsystems Tuesday, in conjunction with several partners, announced that it has Java technology ready to ship for wireless devices.

Sun says its Mobile Information Device (MID) profile will enhance Internet surfing on wireless devices by allowing better graphics and more interactive features. The open-source, standards-based protocol will work for any device, without programming changes.

The companies that helped create the MID profile for Java are America Online Inc., Wind River Systems Inc., LM Ericsson Telephone Co., Espial Group Inc., Fujitsu America Inc., Hitachi America Ltd., J-Phone Tokyo Co., Matsushita Electric Corporation of America (Panasonic), Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Motorola Inc., NEC USA Inc., Nokia Corp., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.'s DoCoMo, Palm Inc., Research In Motion Ltd., Samsung Electronics America Inc., Sharp Electronics Corp., Siemens AG, Sony Corp., Symbian Ltd. and Telecordia Technologies Inc.