Stories by Sumner Lemon

Former tech CEOs win California Republican primaries

Former technology industry executives Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina emerged winners in the Republican primary elections in California on Tuesday, winning their party's nomination for governor and U.S. senator, respectively. CEO says Microsoft is a patent troll CEO Marc Benioff is declining to comment on the patent lawsuit brought against his company by Microsoft, but that didn't stop him from calling his rival names during's CloudForce conference in Singapore this week.

Researchers track cyber-espionage ring 'Shadow' to China

Researchers in the US and Canada have tracked and documented a sophisticated cyber-espionage network based in China, dubbed Shadow, that targeted computers in several countries, including systems belonging to the Indian government and military.

Email accounts of foreign journalists in China hacked

The email accounts of eight foreign journalists working in China and Taiwan were hacked recently, leading Yahoo to suspend several of the accounts last week, the Foreign Correspondent's Club of China (FCCC) said Wednesday.

Intel investigating sale of fake Core i7 chip

Intel acknowledged Monday that at least one counterfeit version of its Core i7-920 processor made its may into the U.S. market, and said it's trying to determine how many more are out there.

Lenovo to lay off 2,500

Amid growing fears that many countries face a long and painful economic recession, Lenovo plans to lay off 2,500 workers, cut the salaries of its executives and restructure its Asian operations in an attempt to weather the downturn, the company says.