Stories by Eric Lai

Users warned off until Oracle commits

A European IT consulting firm is warning large enterprises and government entities not to deploy until Oracle shows proof that it will invest as heavily in the development of open-source productivity suite as project champion Sun Microsystems Inc. did.

Ballmer shows off Windows 7 slate PCs

Microsoft's Courier tablet computer failed to make a rumoured appearance at CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last night.

Microsoft, other rivals slam Google Chrome OS

Microsoft is, predictably, not all that impressed by Google's demonstration of its upcoming Chrome OS, but neither were a number of potential rivals in the Linux and instant-on operating system space.

Developers slowly rising to Microsoft's Surface

LOS ANGELES -- Microsoft's Surface touch computer may be generating more oohs and ahs than some of the company's other recent technologies, but the product has yet to generate rabid interest among programmers.

Online matchmaker won't settle down with one BI tool

While's mission is to help its 20 million members get married or settle into long-term relationships, the online matchmaking company is a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to business intelligence technology.