Stories by Jeff Walsh

Second edition of Win98 to ship

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 98 OS Second Edition is complete and has been sent to manufacturing plants.
Windows 98 Second Edition provides enhancements in the area of Internet, networking, and hardware technologies, according to Microsoft

PC buyers to demand refund for Windows

An online group of non-Windows users is seeking refunds from Microsoft for their unused, unwanted copies of the Windows operating system that shipped with their PCs.
The group, referring to the bundled operating system as a "Microsoft tax" on all computers, is rallying Linux, BeOS, BSD, OS/2 and NetWare users to demand a refund on Feb. 15 because of the wording in Microsoft's end-user licence agreement (EULA).

Microsoft Spearheads Protocol Push

Microsoft Corp. is quietly working on an early implementation of a new protocol to build distributed computing applications that span the Web.

Standards Bodies Work On XML Business Framework

Two standards organizations are working together to enable the Extensible Markup Language (XML) to be used in business-to-business communication by providing a framework for exchanging XML data between business partners.