Stories by Rob O'Neill

Dark fibre access assured in NZRFG fibre bid

The government may have hit the jackpot in its efforts to build an open access ultrafast broadband network, with the infrastructure companies bidding for the project offering access to unlit or dark fibre as well as planning a national network of lit fibre.

Forum: All Moore's Law, all the time

Faced with a media interview before Christmas about technology changes over the past decade, I did a bit of research, thought about all the new products that had been released and then came to an, in retrospect, obvious observation.

Weathering 2009 and anticipating 2010

This was a year of uncertainty and uncertainty is not good for business. Project activity was down as capital spending received close scrutiny. Some projects were cancelled and many more were delayed or deferred.

2009: the year of cloudy hype

Cloud computing has been the buzz of 2009 and with Microsoft now turning Azure vapourware into Azure reality, 2010 could be the year when the hype actually gets fulfilled.

Telecom approaches key separation date

One of three key operational separation dates is fast approaching for Telecom, with Gen-i and Telecom Retail about to start consuming services on the same basis as other providers.

NZBus upgrades intelligence, rebuilds apps

New Zealand’s biggest bus fleet operator, NZBus, is upgrading its databases and business intelligence capability to better understand customer needs and boost fleet management.

Video: Auckland's $47 million ticketing deal

Computerworld filmed the entire contract signing event, speeches and Q&A session hosted by the Auckland Regional Transport Authority to put a seal on a long-awaited $47 million integrated ticketing system contract with French firm Thales.

NZICT chairman says tech industry must show its worth

The chairman of the NZICT Group, Cisco managing director Geoff Lawrie, pushed members to demonstrate the value ICT can deliver at the vendor group's end of year meeting on Friday.
Wrapping up the first year of NZICT's activity, Lawrie said the group had made a dozen submissions to government around diverse areas of policy. He also praised the government for its determination to push ahead with its planned $1.5 billion ultra fast broadband initiative.
"While all of us who work in this industry share a religious faith in the linkage between ICT investments and better business outcomes, we do need to acknowledge that this is not a universally held view," Lawrie said. "We do need to do more work to make sure that every single person in this country understands the value of ICT and its ability to drive a more prosperous future for this country and a better lifestyle for its citizens, so these key issues will remain our focus as we go into next year."
Speaking ahead of ICT minister Steven Joyce, Lawrie said government has played a significant role in the industry over the past year, especially in delivering improved broadband services.

Government 'asking for a disaster' on broadband

Australasian telecommunications specialist Paul Budde laid into New Zealand's $1.5 billion plan for ultra-fast broadband yesterday, saying he didn't see how anybody could respond to a tender to take part in the project.