Stories by Jo Bennett

Satellite TV brings hot science to schools

Top-flight biology students in rural and less well-endowed schools can now tap into the latest research to help them with their scholarship exams, via an innovative interactive satellite TV project.

Beca shows the way with Facebook-era comms

Engineering company Beca is embracing the newest communications technologies to stay in touch with subsidiaries around the world and with young engineers on their “overseas experience” who might return once, as CIO Robin Johansen puts it, their “homing pigeon instinct” kicks in.

Japanese ‘disrupter’ labels Kiwi broadband ‘retarded’

How low can you go when it comes to telecomms pricing? Much, much lower than you think, judging by figures put forward by serial telco entrepreneur Dr Sachio Semmoto, the keynote speaker at Auckland’s recent TUANZ II conference, who calls New Zealand’s broadband markets “retarded”.