Stories by Stacy Cowley

Oracle curtails Q1 report, says eight lost

Oracle Corp. reported Thursday first-quarter income of US$510.6 million on revenue of $2.24 billion. The company provided little elaboration about its sales and operations during the quarter ended Aug. 31, citing its focus on relief efforts after Tuesday's terrorist attack. Revenue dropped slightly during the quarter, down from $2.26 billion in the year-ago quarter. However, net income rose slightly, up from $500.7 million in last year's first quarter.

Study: Code Red costs top $US2 billion

The worldwide labor costs associated with cleaning up the Code Red worm and its variants, including the still-rampaging Code Red II, now total more than $US2 billion -- and are rising, according to one research firm tracking the menace.

Gartner: IT spending still rising

IT spending isn't growing as rapidly as it has in past years, but it's still rising, research firm Gartner said Tuesday as it released preliminary results from its annual IT Spending and Staffing Survey report.

IBM will rule the services roost, says Gerstner

The future of the IT industry is in services and consulting, but never mind the Big Five -- the real services leader is Big Blue, IBM Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lou Gerstner said Thursday during his annual meeting with Wall Street analysts.

Study: E-procurement still in early stages

Businesses view the Internet as a key component in their purchasing plans, but many are dissatisfied with their suppliers' online capabilities, and less than 10 per cent say the Internet has dramatically changed their procurement procedures, according to the latest edition of the National Association of Purchasing Management/Forrester Research "Report on eBusiness" (available online at