Stories by Robert Mullins

Dell exec: Rumours of the death of the PC are greatly exaggerated

Those focused on the two 10-inch tablets Dell previewed at a launch event in San Francisco on Tuesday were missing the point. At the event, Dell released a massive number of new products to help the enterprise better cope with the onslaught of consumer technologies entering the workplace.

HP Labs director sharpens focus on results

Prith Banerjee is settling into his new job as director of HP Labs, the research division of HP in Palo Alto, Calif. Banerjee, 46, comes to HP from the University of Illinois-Chicago, where he was dean of the College of Engineering. He replaces Dick Lampman, who retired after 35 years with HP.

Red Hat profit rises

The introduction of a new version of its Linux distribution and new JBoss software helped Red Hat increase profits to US$16.2 million (NZ$20.9 million) on revenue of US$118.9 million, in its financial first quarter ended May 31.

A search engine for open-source code

Krugle aspires to be the Google of software code search, even referring to itself as a verb. And recently, Krugle has started to become the go-to search site for open-source developers, partnering with key websites, including, the leading repository for open-source software projects, to embed Krugle search. Krugle also announced a similar partnership with CollabNet, a community of 1 million developers.