Stories by Kenneth Corbin

How the U.S Can Avoid a 'Cyber Cold War'

As U.S. diplomats seek to elevate issues such as Internet freedom and cybersecurity in their talks with foreign counterparts, they have a tough balance to strike.

Online Marketers Need to Police Privacy Before the Feds Step In

When it comes to marketing practices, businesses must adopt a more serious approach to protecting consumer privacy via meaningful industry self-regulation. If they don't, it's likely that there will be more rigorous oversight of the industry at the hands of federal regulators.

New Federal Mobile IT Strategy Must Address Security

As the White House rolls out an agenda to open and optimize government data for mobile devices and accelerate use of smartphones and tablets across departments and agencies, security expert warns that federal CIOs must address an array of vulnerabilities.

Federal IT Reform Slower Than Claimed

The efforts of U.S. President Barack Obama's administration to streamline and improve the government's IT systems aren't proceeding as quickly as officials have suggested, however, government auditors note steady progress as departments and agencies transition to the cloud and consolidate data centers.

Wireless carrier CEOs focus on spectrum and trust

In an industry marked by heated rivalry and frequent corporate sniping, the top executives at the nation's leading wireless carriers are united in their call for policymakers to free up more spectrum to boost the capacity in their mobile broadband networks.

Security experts warn of cyber threats from Iran

A panel of experts warned lawmakers on Thursday about the looming threat of a cyber attack emanating from Iran, an increasingly isolated nation that has been linked to numerous attacks against the United States in recent years including a plot last year to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States in Washington, D.C.

Salesforce to launch government Cloud, already a leading provider of cloud services to the public sector, is doubling down on its government business, unveiling on Wednesday a major initiative to host federal, state and local agencies' computing operations in a multi-tenant cloud environment, along with a new app marketplace and a training program to equip integrators with the skills to help government clients shift to the cloud.

9 tech sector groups rally in support of CISPA

A coalition of leading technology industry groups is calling on lawmakers to pass a controversial cybersecurity bill, offering a broad show of support as the measure heads to the House floor for debate next week.

Feds to unveil insider threat defence plan by year end

In the aftermath of the embarrassing leak of hundreds of thousands of sensitive government and military documents to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, the Obama administration formed an interagency task force to refine the government's defences against insider threats.

Feds warn of cyber threats, seek expanded authority for DHS

Federal cybersecurity officials on Wednesday gave lawmakers a sobering warning about the vulnerabilities of critical information technology systems across the public and private sectors, describing a laundry list of threats and the challenge of keeping up with hackers who are continually seeking new methods of attack.