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  • Gigamon offers visibility into Amazon Web Services for NZ Enterprises

    ​Gigamon has announced availability in New Zealand and Australia of the Gigamon Visibility Platform for Amazon Web Services, saying it provides consistent visibility into data in motion across an enterprise: on-premise, remote sites, public cloud, private, and hybrid architectures.

  • Big Data Brings Big Privacy Concerns

    Wary of privacy implications of massive data collection systems, the Senate Commerce Committee plans to continue a probe of the industry, coinciding with a separate inquiry underway at the Federal Trade Commission.

  • EU online surveillance debate intensifies

    Efforts to set common European Union rules on data collection by telecommunications companies and ISPs are intensifying, reigniting debate about civil liberties and causing some industry and political officials to question how such moves would aid efforts to fight terrorism.

Features about data collection
  • Opting out of targeted ads too hard, privacy advocates say

    The online advertising industry and U.S. policy makers need to give online users more control over the collection of personal data and surfing habits beyond the traditional opt-out approach, some privacy advocates said Wednesday.

Whitepapers about data collection

  • Solving your big data problems with fast data

    This eBook can help fix issues with integration strategy and data collection by telling you what the problem is and how to fix it by achieving better decisions and instant action. • As budgets inevitably tighten, good companies lose their competitive edge • Event-driven integration future proofs your integration platform and lets you use your integration budget for innovation rather than maintenance • Business users and IT can solve problems by focusing on improving the availability of information with contextual, event-based data