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  • 7 free Windows tune-up tools and tips

    You don't need to spend money to keep a <a href="">Windows</a> computer running in top form. Here's how to fix, clean and maintain Windows using programs you can download now for free.

  • Cybercrime fight hurt by apathy, law enforcement hurdles

    General public apathy and collaboration with the <a href="">law enforcement community</a> assure that <a href="">cybercrimes</a> of all sorts will <a href="">continue to rise</a>.

  • Adobe confirms critical Flash zero-day bug

    For the second time in the last four weeks, Adobe has told users that hackers are exploiting an unpatched bug in Flash Player, again by embedding malicious code inside a Microsoft Office document.

  • Phishing scams dupe the most active online users

    People who make a lot of online transactions, are popular online and who respond to most of the emails they receive are at the highest risk for being duped by malicious phishers, according to a multi-university study.

  • Cut-price Stuxnet successors possible: Kaspersky

    The complex Stuxnet worm, which some allege was designed by US and Israeli government agents to cripple Iranian nuclear technology, could be re-engineered at far less expense by civilian hackers to inflict more general damage, says anti-malware company founder Eugene Kaspersky.

  • Security service on lookout for malware like ZeuS, SpyEye

    Spotting notorious Trojans like SpyEye and <a href="">ZeuS</a> on compromised desktop computers is the goal of a new <a href="">security</a> service from Trusteer.

  • Looking for vulnerable Web sites? Try schools

    Educational institutions and <a href="">social networks</a> are the worst when it comes to leaving their Web sites exposed to known vulnerabilities, with health care and banks doing the best, according to a study by <a href="">WhiteHat</a> <a href="">Security</a>.

  • Google still scrambling to recover from DroidDream Android attack

    Last week's revelation that over 50 apps in the <a href="">Google Android market</a> were malware-laden has shaken up Google and the <a href="">security industry</a> to its core.

  • European agency warns of botnet dangers

    The battle against groups of hacked computers known as botnets is suffering from a lack of coordination, resulting in a cybercrime industry worth more than US$10 billion worldwide annually, according to a report from a European Union security agency.

  • 20 hot IT security issues

    From malware on Google's <a href="">Android</a> phones to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency trying to understand how stories or narratives impact <a href="">security</a> and human behavior, the security world certainly is never boring. Here we take a look at 20 security stories that have shaped the industry in the past few months.