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  • iPads power productivity gains at MicroStrategy

    Software vendor MicroStrategy has realized that 2,300 corporate iPads create a time machine. Employees now have instant access, via Wi-Fi or 3G, to the company's real-time business data and processes.

  • Symantec finds big differences in iOS, Android security

    <a href="">Apple</a> iOS and Google <a href="">Android</a> have some big differences when it comes to mobile <a href="">security</a>, creating distinct potential vulnerabilities for enterprises embracing devices running these operating systems, according to analysis by Symantec.

  • Forrester's iPad Security Tips

    Market researcher Forrester has some unpleasant news for those of you running iPad apps in your enterprise. Forrester's iPad take: Chances are good that commercial apps don't protect sensitive data on an iPad or iPhone.

  • More malware apps sneak into Google Market

    More malware targeting Google <a href="">Android</a> devices but pretending to be legit apps managed to sneak into Google Market over the long holiday weekend, and Google did take steps to yank them, according to a mobile <a href="">security</a> firm.

  • Emerging iPhone, iPad 2 app enables remote surveillance

    An iPad app that may soon play a pivotal role connecting soldiers on the street with airplanes hovering high above will be shown for the first time next month at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

  • Google still scrambling to recover from DroidDream Android attack

    Last week's revelation that over 50 apps in the <a href="">Google Android market</a> were malware-laden has shaken up Google and the <a href="">security industry</a> to its core.

  • Sophos aims to reduce mobile security risks

    <a href="">Sophos</a> today said it would soon roll out its Mobile Control package that will let enterprise customers apply <a href="">security</a> <a href="">controls to all things mobile</a>, from iPads and iPhones to the <a href="">Android</a>, <a href="">Windows</a> Mobile and Symbian devices.

  • McAfee to acquire Trust Digital to further mobile security

    McAfee Tuesday said it's signed an agreement to acquire privately held Trust Digital as part of its strategy to expand into the mobile security arena, the enterprise sector in particular. The acquisition price for Trust Digital was not disclosed.