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  • MP criticises SSC open source guidelines

    Green party MP Nandor Tanczos has taken the State Services Commission to task over the language used in its newly released guidelines for agencies considering using open source.

  • Open all hours

    Free as in beer or free as in speech? Open source is an often contentious issue that can cause huge arguments and great divides within companies and within the industry as a whole. Some argue about whether open source is a Communist plot (thanks for that, Bill) and some argue about how to even define what open source actually is. Users, as ever, seem unmoved by the arguments, and simply want to be able to open their email and spell check their documents.

  • Slow to arrive, but here to stay

    New Zealand organisations may have been somewhat slow to embrace open source, it isn’t because they fail to appreciate it.

  • Euro open source consortium lifts game

    The ObjectWeb consortium is giving itself a makeover this year to make its open source software more suitable for business use and to help it expand further outside Europe.

  • ALF-alpha sprouts in New Zealand

    Serena Software, vendor of software designed to assist application development and integration, is seeking partners from around the world to help meld software from multiple vendors into a common Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF).

  • Open source rides to the rescue

    Traffic on the network had been increasing all week, but the intrusion-detection system wasn’t picking up anything malicious. Whatever traffic was traversing the network was considered okay.

  • Taking the risk out of open source

    Picture this scenario: Suppose Company A acquires Company B, a hardware vendor that incorporates the Linux kernel into its products. After the acquisition is complete, however, an unfortunate thing happens. Linux developers bring a lawsuit against Company B, alleging violations of the GNU GPL (General Public Licence). As part of the settlement, Company A agrees to open source all of Company B’s code, even the previously proprietary parts.

  • Open source Nessus tool to go commercial

    Aiming to address support concerns, Tenable Network Security is introducing Nessus, its widely used open source vulnerability-scanning tool, as a commercial product in a major upgrade slated for November.

  • Say global, act local

    OPINION: CA's Ingres migration project is endorsed by NZ's open source community, but questions remain

  • Political party turns to desktop Linux

    The South Australian Democrats party has rejected a $A50,000 content management system from an unnamed vendor for its new website in favour of the free PostNuke open source system.