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  • Sharp, RIM to be investigated after patent complaints

    The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has decided to investigate separate complaints made against Sharp and Research In Motion (RIM) that each allege the companies are infringing patents held by the complainants.

  • Samsung invests in Fusion-io

    Samsung has invested in Fusion-io, deepening the relationship between two significant players in the fast-growing flash-storage business.

  • SSD move by Samsung

    Samsung is upgrading its memory technology and manufacturing processes, which could lead to price drops for solid-state drives (SSDs).

  • Childrens' phone announced

    Samsung has revealed a new cellphone, the S3030 Tobi, which is aimed at 'pre-teens'. The phone features an interface specially designed for younger audiences, which features animated characters and themes. The phone's changeable rear covers have a sleeve to put in their own pictures.

  • Thinnest LCD unveiled

    Samsung has demonstrated a prototype 40-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) that is just 7.9 millimeters thin. That beats an 8mm-thin, 32-inch prototype from Philips that previously held the world record for the thinnest LCD.

  • Samsung withdraws offer to acquire SanDisk

    Samsung Electronics has withdrawn its offer to acquire rival flash memory-maker SanDisk citing a lack of progress after six months of discussions between the two companies.

  • NAND chip prices decline

    When Samsung Electronics offered to buy SanDisk for US$5.85 billion (NZ$8.48 billion) earlier this month, some in the industry hoped news of the possible takeover might stem a long-running decline in NAND flash memory chip prices.

  • Samsung, Sun develop NAND chip

    Samsung has unveiled a high-endurance 8GB single-level cell NAND flash memory chip, jointly developed with Sun Microsystems, which can significantly boost the lifespan and performance of solid-state drives.

  • Zintel buys Commspec

    Telecommunications services provider Zintel has acquired the business assets of Commspec from Downer EDI Engineering.
    Commspec is a reseller of Alcatel-Lucent and Samsung products.

  • New Flash SSD launched

    Samsung has begun shipping a flash memory-based solid state disk drive (SSD) that it says offers better performance than many of the flash drives currently available.