INSIGHT: Top 6 Cs to dominate the IT marketplace

The six key trends to dominate the IT industry agenda throughout 2015, and no doubt beyond.

Containers, Convergence, Cloud Security, Closets, Crowd Workers and Coexistence.

The six key trends to dominate the IT industry agenda throughout 2015, and no doubt beyond.

That’s according to 451 Research, a preeminent IT research and advisory company with a core focus on technology innovation and market disruption.

“While the 6 Cs are some of the more interesting trends, we have identified many others that will impact the way many do business in 2015 and beyond,” states Brett Azuma, SVP of Research, 451 Research.

“Our analysis includes an assessment of the market impact, who stands to gain from these trends and most importantly, recommendations on how to capitalise on them.”

The 6 Cs for 2015 are:

1) Containers: There is an explosion of activity around Docker and containerisation leading 451 analysts to anticipate disruption in IT departments in 2015 as they start to use Docker.

While containerisation technology has existed for years, 451 Research believes Docker is a more modern, lightweight form that is widely viewed as a next-generation virtualisation technology.

As a result, 451 analysts believe Docker will be adopted by large enterprises to work alongside, as well as replace, traditional VMs because of its management and efficiency advantages.

Docker has not yet achieved parity with traditional VMs in some critical areas, including orchestration and security, and a large number of vendors are rapidly addressing this.

2) Convergence: One of the most hotly debated areas in IT is the evolution of integrated platforms. Hyper-convergence has exploded, and 451 Research believes the industry will see the first signs of meaningful adoption in 2015.

Enterprises are tempted by the promise of improved efficiencies from integrating compute, storage and networking, while vendors are attracted by the potential to differentiate product offerings in the face of commodification.

The larger questions are whether either of these expectations can be realised and what the move to new product categories means for the IT marketplace.

What the industry knows for certain is that in 2015, vendors will have to change their approach to product delivery and their partner ecosystems, and customers will have to adjust their operations to gain the benefits of convergence.

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