Stories by Ulrika Hedquist

The state of IT education

Computer science departments have struggled to attract undergraduates in recent years, but the tide is turning as qualifications in ICT-related fields become increasingly sought after in the job market.

CRM shifts to the cloud

Southern Hospitality is a supplier of products and services to the hospitality and food service industry. The company deals with around 600 calls a day and the 100 mobile staff visit eacch from five to 15 customers a day, says Andy Doherty, CEO at Southern Hospitality.

What users are paying - and saving - on video conferencing

Especially interesting are new players like or Vidyo, he says. Blue Jeans Network is included in Gartner’s ‘Cool Vendors in Enterprise Unified Communications and Network Services, 2012’ list. The research firm says that Blue Jeans is “revolutionising the delivery of video communication and conferencing by allowing mainstream consumer endpoints, such as Skype and GoogleTalk, to be joined into reservationless calls with traditional video conferencing and telepresence systems.” The system uses a cloud-based platform that runs on standard x86 hardware.

What to do about information overload

The majority of public cloud solutions come from US-based suppliers and are delivered through US datacentres, and this has “created anxiety” for non-US enterprise IT organisations – because the location of data brings new risk, says Prentice’s research.

What's keeping IT awake at night?

“The drive towards cloud computing has also got enterprises worried about the security issues associated with the migration to the public cloud,” says Edison Yu, research manager, ICT practice at Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific.

Big data - big hype or the next big thing?

The upsurge of networked devices and applications means that more data is being collected than ever before. This has lead to an explosion of large-scale data sets which is changing business and science around the world.

Mobility and usability drive business intelligence uptake

The worldwide number of users of business intelligence, analytics and performance management solutions will double by 2014, according to Gartner. This growth is driven by an ongoing revolution in information consumption and usability, says the research firm.