Stories by Ulrika Hedquist

ICT uptake leads to GDP rise

Information and communication technologies cause GDP to rise, according to a research project by Nancy Chu, Ken Carlaw and Les Oxley, at the University of Canterbury.

Waikato DHB rolls out patient system

A patient health ICT system being rolled out by the Waikato District Health Board could reduce the number of mistakes that cost patients’ lives.

M-co made its own way to SOA

Electricity wholesale market platform company M-co, also called the Marketplace Company, has been on an adventurous journey towards service-orientated achitecture (SOA). It is set to become a web-service enabled organisation, with the aid of internet-based trading system, Comit.

Mystery government department seeks alternative telco network

An anonymous government department is requesting proposals to build an alternative telecommunications network in New Zealand, according to a request for information (RFI) from Consultel. The independent telecommunications consulting practice is acting on behalf of the unknown department, which doesn’t wish to be named.

CRM gets Premium Power’s motor running

Integration with existing hardware and software was the key driver behind Premium Power’s decision to dump its existing CRM (customer relationship management) platform in favour of Microsoft.

Peace is growing again

Kiwi software developer Peace Software has won two significant deals this year. In January, Peace signed a contract with Service Essentials, a joint venture between Australian electricity distributors Energex and Ergon Energy, to bill and manage 70,000 commercial and industrial retail and network energy customers in five Australian states.

Marshal re-opens in NZ with Auckland R&D centre

Email and internet content security software company Marshal is back in New Zealand. The company opened its new Auckland office and R&D centre seven weeks ago and there is room for expansion, says CEO Ed Macnair.

IBM won’t let Notes die, despite rumour-mongering

“Lotus Notes has 40,000 active customers across the world, and any idea that Notes is dead is a dead idea,” says Ken Bisconti, vice president of IBM Workplace, portal and collaboration products.

VeriSign introduces real time risk application

Infrastructure services vendor VeriSign has introduced its Security Risk Profiling Service, which aims to help organisations identify, visualise and quantify information security risks, the company says. The product is targeted at large enterprises, such as investment banks.

NZ sites vulnerable to Google hacking

"Google hacking" is on the rise, according to a study by masters student Natalia Nehring and Ellen Rose, senior lecturer at the Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences at Massey University.

E-learning tool creates virtual university

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and the University of Auckland have developed in collaboration an e-learning authoring tool, and 7,000 copies of it are downloaded worldwide every month, according to Andrew Higgins, director of e-learning at AUT.