Stories by Grant Gross

Gov't CIO survey: IT security is top concern

Chief information officers (CIOs) at U.S. government agencies say they've made progress on several key issues, including IT security and modernizing their IT infrastructure, but still face major challenges in security and other areas, according to a survey released Tuesday.

AOL sues phishing organisations

America Online (AOL) has filed three civil lawsuits against major phishing "gangs," seeking US$18 million from the groups, the company says.

Homeland completes large-scale cyber exercise

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has completed the first full-scale government-led cyber attack simulation, and officials there called the exercise a “significant milestone”.

Patent ruling forces Microsoft Office upgrade

Microsoft is telling new corporate customers to update versions of its Office suite and Access software package following a 2005 patent infringement ruling that required Microsoft to remove the patented software from its products.

Offshore outsourcing creates jobs, study says

Offshore outsourcing helps the US economy by lowering production costs for IT vendors and product costs for their customers and by helping to keep inflation low, according to a study released recently by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA).

Justice asks court to back BlackBerry service

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has asked a judge to ensure that government users can continue to send each other email on their “essential” BlackBerry devices, even though the court has ruled against the maker of BlackBerry devices in a patent infringement case.

Grokster shuttered in court settlement

Peer-to-peer (P-to-P) software vendor Grokster has closed down as part of a settlement in a 3-year-old lawsuit brought against it by the U.S. entertainment industry.

US increases H-1B visa limit

The US Senate Judiciary Committee has approved an extra 30,000 foreign worker visas for 2006 under a visa programme popular with many technology companies, but the increase was halved from an earlier committee proposal.

US to require RFID chips in passports

The US government will require nearly all of the passports it issues to have a computer chip containing the passport holder's personal information by October 2006, according to regulations published this week.

Google fixes flaw before publicised

Google has fixed a security vulnerability on its search-engine website within days of being notified by security vendor Finjan Software, Finjan says.