Stories by Grant Gross

US National Science Foundation floats next-generation internet

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) has proposed a next-generation internet with built-in security and functionality that connects all kinds of devices. And researchers are also challenging the government agency to look at the internet as a “clean slate.”

US IT visa limit reached early

A controversial visa programme that allows US companies to hire foreign IT workers and other professionals has reached its cap for 2006 applications, a month before the US government’s 2006 fiscal year begins.

Sun releases DRM project as open source

Sun Microsystems is releasing its digital rights management (DRM) project under an open-source license, in hopes of driving a unified standard in the technology used to project digital media such as music and movies.

ISPs found innocent of aiding zombie attacks in 'trial'

ISPs (Internet service providers) were put on "trial" Tuesday, with hundreds of IT security professionals serving as jurors, for not doing enough to keep subscribers' computers from being compromised and used as tools in attacks on corporate networks.

Microsoft changes middleware shortcuts

Microsoft has agreed to limit the number of shortcuts to its middleware applications in Windows when a computer user designates competing products as defaults, according to antitrust compliance documents.

New Bagle variants spreading

Three, and possibly four, new versions of the Bagle e-mail worm were spreading quickly on the Internet Tuesday, Internet security firms reported.

Microsoft files 117 phishing lawsuits

Microsoft on Thursday filed 117 civil lawsuits against alleged phishers trying to scam Microsoft customers out of personal information such as credit card numbers.

PhpBB site compromised, developers locked out

A handful of Web sites, including the site for the popular open source bulletin board project phpBB, have been compromised this week by a group apparently trying to make a political point.