Stories by Leo King

Weak supplier management placing £200bn projects 'at risk'

<a href="">Government projects worth a total of £200 billion</a> (US$331 billion) are being put at risk by Whitehall's lack of commercial expertise, according to a damning report.

NHS hangs tough as delivery deadline looms

The NHS has insisted it will stick to its guns and take a tough stance on key suppliers BT and CSC if they do not meet a delivery deadline for a workable patient records system.

BT skips Microsoft Vista in favour of Windows 7

<a href="">BT</a> is to move its 100,000 employees directly from the Microsoft Windows XP operating system to Windows 7, skipping Vista.

Tories to scrap NHS centralised patient records

The Conservatives have revealed details of a plan to replace a multibillion pound central repository of NHS patient records with alternatives including online products from Google and Microsoft.

ID card scheme costs hit £215m

The government has spent £215 million (US$353.7 million) on the <a href="">national identity scheme</a>, including ID cards and biometric passports.

Conficker cost Manchester council £1.5m

<a href="">Manchester City Council</a> has cancelled hundreds of fines for drivers caught on camera in bus lanes, after the Conficker worm hit its fine processing systems.

London Stock Exchange reportedly to dump £40m platform

The London Stock Exchange may dump its £40 million electronic share trading platform TradElect and cull IT staff, as the new chief executive reviews costs.
The platform, only updated a year ago by Accenture, could be switched off, according to reports.

NHS IT legal bill hits £2.6m in fight with Fujitsu

The government has spent over £2.6 million on legal costs to tackle an ongoing <a href="">dispute with Fujitsu</a>, after the supplier left the NHS <a href="">National Programme for IT</a> thirteen months ago.