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Android news and rumour roundup for the week ending Aug. 24

Releasing a new flagship Android device within even a few weeks of the upcoming iPhone 5 is probably not the greatest idea in the world, and that has cut into the amount of blockbuster Android goodness you can expect from this column. Nevertheless, plenty is going on in the world of Google Android.

Building a PC: Safety tips and handy online resources

Finally, you've got all your components and you're ready to start building your PC. Before you dive straight in without reading the manuals for your products, let me just take a moment to laugh at you for being silly enough not to read the manuals. While I'm composing myself, here are key safety tips that everyone should know before trying to build a computer.

Building a PC: My components

I recently built my first gaming/general-use PC and below is a list of the parts I eventually settled on for it.

Building your first desktop PC

I've long been curious about the process of building a computer from scratch, and, a couple of weeks ago, I finally took the plunge. While I was expecting a tortuous and highly technical process, the actual experience was far less painful.

Lenovo North America president: 'It's a dual-device world'

Lenovo Senior Vice-President David Schmoock, who heads the company's North American operations, recently shared his thoughts on the rise of the tablet, Windows 8 vs. Android and Lenovo's attempts to raise its profile in the U.S. consumer market.

Does your browser support 'do-not-track'?

Microsoft angered advertisers when it confirmed that it would enable do-not-track mode in its upcoming Internet Explorer 10 browser -- the IE version that will be designed for use with Windows 8.

Android news and rumour roundup for week ending Aug. 10

It's been a comparatively slow week in the world of Android, and one almost gets the sense that a lot of major players are starting to batten down the hatches for the rumored release of that other smartphone in about a month. No doubt it's difficult to make a dent in a news cycle featuring the next iPhone.

Google rolls out search upgrades, Voice Search for iOS

Google is planning to integrate Gmail results into its core search product and turn the previously U.S.-only Knowledge Graph into a global feature, according to an official blog post by Google Search Senior Vice President Amit Singhal.

ARM flexes mobile GPU muscle with announcement of new Mali line

Mobile processor maker ARM announced the second generation of its T-600 "Mali" line of mobile graphics processors on Monday, saying that new texture compression techniques will allow the new systems to provide substantial improvements in energy efficiency and performance.

Android news and rumor roundup for week ending Aug. 3

Let's face it - a lot of the technology that smartphone and tablet makers use in their devices is pretty similar. After all, there's only so many ways to shoehorn all the hardware necessary to run a very small computer into the available space, even with the incredibly impressive degree of miniaturization we've achieved. Think about it - the Samsung Galaxy SIII has a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, a gigabyte of RAM, and up to 64GB of internal storage. It wasn't really all that long ago that those were respectable stats for a desktop PC. Now it fits in your pocket.

Google cracks down on misleading, intrusive apps in Play store

Android apps that constantly advertise via the system notifications bar and others that provide what Google deems a "poor user experience" through intrusive or misleading marketing will be banned from the Play store, the company announced this week in an email to developers.