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  • Android app builders unfazed by Oracle lawsuit

    Although Oracle is suing Google over the search giant's Android mobile software platform, developers at an Android developer event this week remained undaunted in backing the platform.

  • Google still scrambling to recover from DroidDream Android attack

    Last week's revelation that over 50 apps in the <a href="">Google Android market</a> were malware-laden has shaken up Google and the <a href="">security industry</a> to its core.

  • Eight must-have Android security apps

    While Android is a terrific operating system in many ways, it does pose some real risks for IT departments. Last week's revelation&lt;/a&gt;] that Google had to remove around 50 malware-infected applications from its Android Market and had activated an Android app kill switch highlighted the downside of the company's "free love" approach to publishing applications where it will let anyone put their app on the market and will only take it down if alerted by a third-party user. The upside of this, of course, is that the market also offers a wide variety of quality security applications that can protect you from malicious apps. Here are eight Android applications that can help IT departments keep a better hold on employees' Android-based devices.

  • 20 hot IT security issues

    From malware on Google's <a href="">Android</a> phones to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency trying to understand how stories or narratives impact <a href="">security</a> and human behavior, the security world certainly is never boring. Here we take a look at 20 security stories that have shaped the industry in the past few months.