Stories by Agam Shah

Militants send terror messages in India by 'wardriving'

Citizens need to be vigilant and patch poorly secured wireless networks, the Indian police said Monday after announcing the arrest of technology-savvy members of a militant group that exploited insecure wireless networks to send messages.

Email notice sent prior to Delhi explosions

An email claiming responsibility for the bomb blasts in India's capital Delhi on Saturday was sent five minutes prior to the actual explosions, media organisations said.

IBM unveils technology for faster CPUs

IBM on Monday said it had invented technology that could reduce power consumption and speed up performance of processors used in PCs, servers and other devices.

Sun calls for unity on SSD standards

Players in the solid-state drive industry need to unite and establish an umbrella organisation that establishes standards that define the technology, such as its performance, a Sun Microsystems executive says.

Dell unveils 19-hour Latitude laptop

Dell this week announced a series of Latitude laptops, including its lightest ultramobile commercial laptop yet and a larger system that the company claimed provides 19 hours of battery life.

US border agency says it can seize laptops

Travelers beware: U.S. agents now have the authority to seize and retain laptops indefinitely, according to a new policy detailed in documents issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

New AMD chip

AMD is developing a low-power processor for mobile devices and sub-notebooks, quashing speculation that it had abandoned the project. The chip will compete with Intel's Atom processor.

Bidding for iPhone 3G tops US$1,000 on eBay

Pent-up demand for the iPhone 3G is manifesting itself on auction site eBay, where eager buyers are bidding in excess of US$1,000 to get what's turning out to be a hot commodity.