Stories by Mark Broatch

The future's on the telly

No good will come of television, said British journalistic grump CP Scott last century. The word is half Greek and half Latin, he complained.

Hard slog for developer

The past few months have been a mixed bag for Peter Harrison, an Auckland developer who’s been trying single-handedly to create an open-source system that enables the transfer of encrypted business documents between different accounting systems.

NZ firms want customer focus for IT

New Zealand chief executives are using IT to orientate their companies towards customers faster than most in the region but they are more concerned with the cost of implementing and running e-commerce projects than their regional peers.

Job ads online increase

Online job advertisements have picked up in the first two months of the year after dropping markedly in December, but have yet to reach the peak of 14,527 in September.

Singing praises of free Opera

Opera Software’s tactic of giving away its latest internet browser for Windows seems to be paying off. Since the move in early December, the Finnish company claims to have shifted two million copies of its self-named pencil-thin browser (2.5MB without full Java).