Stories by Mark Broatch

Stats Watch: A matter of trust

The Privacy Act is likely to create something of a cultural gap between New Zealand and the US, if local consumers were to be asked whether they trust companies with their personal data, suggests the Consumers’ Institute.

Stats Watch: IDC picks VoIP bounding ahead

There may be some doubts over managing bandwidth and guaranteeing quality, but no matter: IT managers say voice over IP is the technology they intend to focus on most over the next two years.

Stats Watch: Oz, NZ share priorities, differ on tack

The top three priorities for New Zealand CIOs heading towards the end of 2004, and those most likely to be outsourced, are new telecomms technology, improving security and e-business, of both the interenterprise and internal varieties, says Gartner.

Stats Watch: NZ disaster waiting for recovery

September 11 caused "hot backup" sites -- where one system is in a standby mode, ready to take over the load from a failing system -- to be in hot demand, Veritas's Sydney-based Rosemary Stark told Computerworld at the end of last year.

Local CRM firm keen on IBM helping hand

Customer management software vendor Mathias could be relying heavily on IBM if it is to achieve its goal of rapid growth in its favoured market, blue-chip financial services.

Technology threatens copyright moves

Australian law professor Sam Ricketson is impressed with the rapid progress countries have made in negotiating new copyright treaties to deal with the digital age, but warns that technological advances may make the most forward-looking copyright legislation and treaties irrelevant.