Stories by Brad Reed

Q&A: Why Android is poised to conquer Europe

While Android has been running <a href="">rampant</a> in the smartphone market over the past year, it has still been projected to <a href="">trail Nokia's Symbian</a> operating system as the world's market leader.

Tablets won't kill the PC anytime soon, says analyst

Although the <a href="">Apple</a> iPad and other tablets have started cutting into sales of personal computers, don't expect PCs to go extinct anytime soon.

Verizon still experimenting with LTE pricing models

<a href="">Verizon</a> apparently hasn't made a final decision on how it will charge users of its <a href="">4G LTE</a> data services.

Google Voice finally finds a home on iPhone

<a href="">Google Voice</a> has lassoed some big prizes over the past couple of years, including Verizon-based Android devices, but today it finally caught its biggest game yet: the Apple <a href="">iPhone</a>.

RIM CEO shuns apps

Research in Motion's attitude toward mobile applications seems to be, &quot;If you can't beat 'em, dismiss 'em.&quot;